Vehicle Tracking Service

At TFG Security (Scotland), we understand that having your vehicle stolen is a huge worry for many drivers.

Unlike other providers, who wire their trackers direct to your car battery and place stickers highlighting the fact there is a tracker installed, our trackers are hardwired in a discreet location inside your vehicle, with no indication outside making it more difficult for would-be thieves to locate and remove the device.

  • Tracker App – iOS and Android App to access your vehicle or fleet’s location
  • Web Interface – You can view your fleet on a full screen map on the Tracking Site
  • Geofencing – Be alerted when your vehicle leaves or arrives at a certain location
  • Vehicle Status AlertsIgnition On, Vehicle Moving, Vibration Alert – Just some of the notifications you can receive on the app!
  • Previous Journey History – You can see the history of the vehicle in both our App and Web interfaces
  • Add Additional Users – You can add as many users to the App or Web interface as required, especially handy for fleets that have numerous staff members requiring tracker access

Our technician can come to your home or work to install your device, normally taking around 30 minutes.

We will work with the Police in the event that your vehicle is flagged as stolen with our 24 Hour Contact Centre, ensuring that they have accurate, up to the second location data from your tracker, resulting in a swift recovery.

Please contact us today for a no obligation quote!